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Yucca Mountain Alert ARIZONA, NV, March 2017-- The high-level underground nuclear waste storage site at Yucca Mountain is once again front-page news and a prime terrorist target--which makes FORETOLD an even more timely and riveting read.

According to Energy Department reports, the Trump administration has now begun the process of re-starting the controversial $96B Nevada underground nuclear waste storage facility --which was vetoed for safety reasons by President Bill Clinton, and stopped a second time by President Obama after President George Bush overturned Clinton's safety veto. Now, once again, taxpayers are faced with the expense and danger of opening and stocking the Yucca Mountain repository, which is intended to hold 70-80,000 tons of the country's most high-level nuclear waste, including weapons-quality uranium and plutonium.

Scientists from the Los Alamos laboratory, environmental groups, geologists and local politicians, officials, and residents have all opposed the underground Yucca Mountain dump, which is located in the third most active earthquake zone in the continent, in an area crisscrossed by thirty-three fault lines, including two lines that go directly through the underground tunnels where the nuclear waste containers will be stored. Scientists and geologists have all argued that in the event of an earthquake those fault lines could shift and allow water from the underground table to flood the tunnels designed to hold the nuclear waste--setting off an explosion large enough to shower the entire United States with radioactive fallout.

Military, Homeland Security, and government officials also fear the repository, which is designed to be an unattended facility, will also be a prime target for terrorists eager to obtain enough nuclear material to construct dirty bombs capable of destroying major cities and targets throughout the country.

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